Ontario Networx Inc.

Always On!

What We Do

Ontario Networx provides new & refurbished network hardware, servers, storage and all parts associated. The condition of hardware can include off demonstation, new-open box hardware, Cisco Excess (-WS), reseller refurbished and Cisco factory refurbished (-RF).  Products such as switches, routers, AP's, IP Phones, software licenses, optics/SFP's and network cabling.  Equipment from most of the major manufacturers such as Cisco, Avaya, Hp, Aruba, IBM, Dell and Juniper.  Ontario Networx is especially efficient at getting urgently needed items to our customers very quickly.  Whether it be constrained and back ordered from the manufacturer items, or long discontinued and difficult to find older equipment.  Ontario Networx is “Always On” which means available 24/7, 365.   We also will outright buy your decommissioned hardware or provide your company with

trade in credit  towards purchases.

Always On!  Always Ontario Networx!

Our Products